Brooklyn Wagner

Bend, OR | November 25, 2014

Brooklyn is a do-er. She has a huge heart for her community and how to look for the 'secretly incredible' people around her.

Instagram: @brookologie

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Community has always been somewhere I feel known.

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I don’t want to be a member of the walking dead. I’m not that and I knew I wasn’t that and so I looked out to the horizon and saw there’s nothing out there that I wanted. I knew I had to change my direction pretty quickly… It took just one shower, like someone chucking a bucket of water on me. It hurt but I felt clean again—there’s purity in community.

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Be a ziplock bag—be transparent.

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Brooklyn is one of those secretly incredible people. She is definitely someone you want to keep an eye on—there’s no knowing what incredible thing she’ll do next. Follow her on instagram on her personal profile and also on @nativeship.

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